The new Mulberrys Dry Cleaners Location

Anderson Cleaners is now a part of Mulberrys Dry Cleaning and Garment Care. We continue to offer top notch dry cleaning and alteration services to all of our loyal customers in Minneapolis and St Paul. Here are some of the new and expanded services that Anderson customers can get at Mulberrys Dry Cleaners:

Green Dry Cleaning Services

Mulberrys is the premier green dry cleaners in the Twin Cities. By using CO2 instead of harmful chemicals, our dry cleaning customers can experience having fresh clean clothing that has been cleaned in an environmentally friendly manner. Check out all of our dry cleaning services (Link “Dry Cleaning Services” to dry cleaning service page).

Wedding Dress Restoration & Cleaning

Mulberrys also specializes in wedding dress restoration and cleaning services. Looking great for your special day is a paramount concern. Our wedding dress specialists can help to clean or restore a family heirloom dress, and our wedding gown preservation (Link wedding gown preservation to wedding service page) services will help preserve your memories for generations.

Convenient Local Dry Cleaners

Your need a local dry cleaning provider that can give you with the best garment care service that is affordable and fits into your schedule. Mulberrys offers dry cleaning delivery & pickup services (Link to delivery service page) and a personalized dry cleaning account. We have six convenient locations in the Twin Cities area, see our dry cleaning locations (Link to Store Locator) and find the closest location today!

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